Senior Design Quest

Right now I am trying to find testing information and real life issues for Capewell’s HCU-6E Military Pallet for my Senior Design Project at UConn. I need to learn about testing procedures and theory for sandwich panels and I am hoping that someone who has experience using one of these pallets can tell me exactly the sort of hell this pallet goes through, and if or how it survives. Hopefully someone who has used these pallets in the military or Katrina Recovery will read this post and volunteer any information they have. My only understanding of the HCU-6E Military Pallet in real life use is the following anecdote: that soldiers have a knack for swiping these pallets and using them to floor their tents. If I can find this information then my team and I will be able to design tests for our prototypes. The picture of the pallet comes from one of Capewell’s catalogs.

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