Steve Jobs Chums His Bathtub with Whale Meat to Feed His Ego

Well, wouldn’t you expect him to do so given his treatment of Apple fans* and his company’s suspicious engineering practices?

The latter allegation seems to have affected Kat’s iBook G4. It wouldn’t boot properly this morning when she got to work. Instead the screen remained blank and the fan turned on at full speed. Over one thousand iBook users have reported the same problem which is well documented here.

So I decided to see if I could fix it. I got to step 7 on this troubleshooting list by Apple before it turned on. The computer conked out after a few minutes. Next, I place two hands to the left of the touch pad and applied a good amount of force and then slowly hit the power button. It turned on.

Thus far I’ve had the computer on for about 45 minutes. I am shutting down now and will reboot in the hopes of achieving a smooth and proper start up without doing anything special such as applying pressure to the casing…. and it works. No sign of the aforementioned problem. This result is good because it means that Kat is not computerless for the time being. But, it’s also bad because I think it may signify the beginning of the problem. If the computer acts up again, I may move on to this fix. If I’m feeling macho I’ll try this one, too.

More to come.

*This link bring you to a post on Violet Blue’s blog. While I do not consider it to be pornography, her blog is sexually themed and may not be safe for work.

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