Subway Surfing in Moscow!

Twenty-four hours, three beers, 27 subway stops, several Soviet monuments, one hitched ride, and one fanny-pack later, I am about to pass out. For serious. I couldn’t sleep at all on the flight from JFK to Sheremetyevo so I watched The Host on my laptop and read DMZ Vol. 4: Friendly Fire and a little bit of Flight Vol. 2. After arriving at the hotel, I showered and passed out for a little bit, and then went into Moscow to do some touristy stuff. I got some good photos but, like the ass that I am, I forgot to bring the USB cable that connects my camera to my laptop. Therefore, it will be a little while before I can share them. Also, Baltika is a good brand of beer.

One Response to “Subway Surfing in Moscow!”

  1. P 6 1 2 2 Says:

    I miss you! Good think I checked this… I figured you would start bloggin’ about Russia. I know you too well!!!

    Anyway, I started a new blog, more personal, but fun. It’s a way to procrastinate and not do school work.


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