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Comrade Eddie!

Posted in adventure, Photo with tags , , on 2008 June 7 by KLP

During my walk around downtown Moscow today, I discovered this billboard. In tribute to this awesomeness, I present lyrics of Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills in Russian:

Белый человек пришел через море
Он принес нам боль и страдания
Он убил наших племен, он убил нашего вероисповедания
Он принял нашу игру за свою необходимость

Мы боролись ему трудно мы боролись ему всего хорошего
Ушли на равнинах мы дали ему ад
Но многие пришли слишком много для криийский
Ах, мы сможем когда-либо быть бесплатными?

Верховая езда через dustclouds и бесплодной отходов
Галопирующей над равнинами
Чеканки redskins обратно в свои дыры
Борьба с ними на их собственной игре
Убийство за свободу ножом в спину
Женщины и дети, и трусы нападение

Пробег на холмах баллотироваться в вашей жизни
Пробег на холмах баллотироваться в вашей жизни

Солдат-синего цвета на пустоши отходов
Охота и убивать их игры
Насилуя женщин и мужчин, теряя
Только хорошие индейцы являются приручить
Продажа них виски и занять свое золото
Рабство молодых и уничтожая старые

Пробег на холмах баллотироваться в вашей жизни
(повторять до конца)

I wanted to translate this translation back into English, but there are hardly any errors, except that “Пробег на холмах баллотироваться в вашей жизни” translates back into “Mileage on the hills run for your life”.

I have a bunch more photos that should eventually be geotagged. I’ll try to get them ready and share them too.

+1 Barack Obama

Posted in opinion, politics with tags , , , , , on 2008 June 4 by KLP

At the beginning of 2008, I would not have anticipated Senator Obama taking the Democratic nomination. I thought I was sure about one thing though, that a ticket shared by Hillary and Barack would only work if Hillary’s name came first. I believed in this notion because, based on the campaign that Hillary ran, her being Vice President would be harmful to the operations of Barack’s presidency. In other words, I thought she would be too hungry for power to be a constructive member of Barack’s inner circle, even though such a ticket would make demographic sense according to what CNN told me while I was eating dinner earlier. I thought that Barack would make the better Vice President. He would serve constructively in the position and Hillary wouldn’t have to worry about getting assassinated. Furthermore, what would presumably be eight years of experience in the White House would almost certainly help Barack’s case in the next election.

However, now that Barack has the nomination, I am very confident that he will become the next President. To be clear, Barack’s main opponent, John McCain, is annoyingly self-righteous and backwards in his policies. He’s also a robot under President Bush’s control.[1] I’m sure that enough voters are better than that.[2] Anyway, now I am thinking that Hillary can come around and shed the unfortunate tone she took in competing for the nomination. If Hillary can maintain discipline as a party member, then Barack’s presidency will fare well with her as Vice President. Of course, I still want Richard Anderson to be VP because he’s the man, but I’d vote for an Obama-Clinton ticket.[3]

[1] Did anyone else see his hand gestures in video clips of a recent speech? He was doing that elbows out, hands open, palms in, circular motion that Mr. Bush always does. I can see it now, George Bush in a circa 1998 virtual reality platform from Shaper Image, driving John McCain. However, it’s much more likely that McCain was imagining that he was gathering nuts with which to fill his cheeks.

[2] Fine. Call me delusional.

[3] Unless of course a really sweet third party candidate comes along… This condition makes me wonder: what would it take for another candidate to have my vote instead of Barack? My friends, I’m going to save the answer for another post.

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