My Lightsaber is Bigger than Yours.

"He's cool, let him in."

So far, I’ve only been through two bosses and the subsequent training sessions for each in The Force Unleashed for the Wii. My first impression is mostly good. Two issues immediately annoyed me, however. Those would be the game’s default brightness level and the controls. The first issue can be solved by taking some time to play with the game settings and the television’s settings. The levels tend to be dark and shadowy, so getting the settings right will allow for proper enjoyment of the scenery and you lightsaber skills. The controls are tricky at first but a little practice is all it takes to graduate from intuitive slicing motions with the remote.

Speaking of which the only characters I’ve actually been able to slice were some innocently bystanding droids. Unlike in the Star Wars films, I have yet to see any flying limbs or rolling heads. Hopefully there’s a cheat available to up the gore. To conclude this gripe session, there’s no online multiplayer support, as far as I can tell.

As for the good stuff, I’m enjoying the story and the characters. I’m having fun killing storm troopers and other goons. The single player experience genuinly entertains me. The first two levels appear to follow the same formula. I haven’t encountered any real puzzles yet. I hope The Force Unleashed adopts some Metal Gear Solid gameplay elements in later levels.

‘Cause I’m a huge dork.


(And, I love Kat for buying me this game for my birfday!)

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