Managing a Button Collection on Election Night

Displaying the Buttons

Kat and I might not be following the polls and coloring our electoral maps this evening, but given that some of the buttons endorse political movements and candidates from as far back as 1940, for Franklin Roosevelt, we’re certainly politically involved, if not inundated in Americana.

That run-on sentence is all I have to post right now, other than a story about an incident that occured when I went to vote today. My apartment number was wrong on the registered voter list. Luckily the ladies behind the desk were nice and let me vote. Be nice to old ladies. They are the gatekeepers of democracy. Also, when exiting the polling place, Kat and I accidentally used the entrance and not the proper exit to leave. We caught a slight scolding from a middle aged woman. Such women are powerless underlings.

One Response to “Managing a Button Collection on Election Night”

  1. thepipaltree Says:

    love the buttons!

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