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The Internet’s Landlord

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Data centers – Google Data centers

I noticed a link at the bottom of the Google Search page for a photo album of Google’s data centers. Not only do I appreciate the technology, logistics, and organization that the photos depict, but the photos themselves are really pretty, too.

However, the album’s title, Where the Internet Lives, concerns  me somewhat. Do we really want Google, or any large corporation, to be the Internet’s landlord? Perhaps we should strive for a more democratic, distributed, and decentralized Internet, where every household or community maintains its own servers and hosts its own members’ content.

If the Internet must have a landlord, what are the terms of the lease, and who pays the rent?

I love the future!

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Today I deposited some checks at a Bank of America ATM. The machine instructed me not to use an envelope. All I had to do was feed it the endorsed checks one at a time. Then, it read the value of the checks without me having to type anything in. Maybe these new ATMs aren’t new to anyone except for me, but seriously: holy crap.

Also, I’m trying out Chrome. Not too shabby.


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