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New Apartment

Posted in miscellaneous, video with tags , , , on 2007 September 3 by KLP

Finally, a video tour of my new apartment. You’ll forgive the poor audio. My recorded voice always sounds bad and it didn’t help that my Roomba was running in the background. Currently, the video is being hosted by YouTube and I did this because I wanted to compare the services. Eventually I will take down the one that I am least happy with.

Kat and I are really happy with the new place! Everything from the exposed brick to the paint job really suits our tastes. The apartment isn’t brand new… we’ve been here since June, so we’ve had time to pick out furniture and set things up the way we like. So far, everyone who has visited has been really impressed. The place has also proved to be really good for parties. There’s plenty of room for guests and shenanigans. As a bonus, we haven’t received any noise complaints yet, meaning that we either have really tolerant neighbors or the place is well insulated.

Anyway, enjoy the tour!


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